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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"What Brings Us Here?" The Answer

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a chapel our sanctuary after hours? Just you and God and whatever trouble brought you there. I have. I just wanted to shut out the world and be alone with my God. To cry, scream and pour out my heart, looking for something, anything to relieve my pain and guilt.

My father had suffered a severe heart-attack and we were waiting for his brain activity to get low enough so we could pull the plug. It was not a quick process but one that would drag on for days. There was no hope for recovery. Knowing this did not make the decision any less painful or easier to live with.

It's that type of moment that brings us to our knees before the Lord. So why come here. Why make the trip when you can talk to God any where and any time. For me it's the difference between calling your mom on the phone seeking comfort versus having her hold you in her arms. It's the intimacy we seek to sooth our troubled souls. To cry out Abba (Father) and to know that God is near is what brings us here.

Pictures taken at St. John the Baptist

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