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Sunday, June 1, 2008

List of Cross Tipped Churches

Holy Family Church (1866)
14 E. Wood St. Frenchtown (Darke)

Holy Trinity Church (1899)
116 E. Main St. Coldwater (Mercer)

Holy Trinity Church (1885)
State Route 67, Trinity (IN. Jay)

Immaculate Conception Church (1903)
229 W. Anthony St. Celina (Mercer)

National Marian Shrine of the Holy Relics (1892)
2291 St. Johns Rd. Maria Stein (Mercer)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church (1858)
6524 State Rt. 119, Cassella (Mercer)

Sacred Heart of Jesus (1882)
9333 State Rt. 119, McCartyville (Shelby)

St. Aloysius Church (1877)
State Rt. 274, Carthagena (Mercer)

St. Anthony Church (1869)
471 St. Anthony Rd. St. Anthony (Mercer)

St. Augustine Church (1849)
48 N. Hanover, Minster (Auglaze)

St. Bernard Church (1924)
75 W. Main St. Burkettsville (Mercer)

St. Charles Seminary and Chapel (1906)
U.S. Route 127, Carthagena (Mercer)

St. Francis Church (1906)
1509 Cranberry Rd. Cranberry Prairie (Mercer)

St. Henry Church (1897)
272 E. Main St. St. Henry (Mercer)

St. John Church (1850)
Schemel and Van Buren Sts. Fryburg (Auglaze)

St. John the Baptist Church (1889)
8533 State Route 119, Maria Stein (Mercer)

St. Joseph Church (1887)
State Route 364, Egypt (Auglaize)

St. Joseph Church (1866)
1689 St. Joseph Rd. St. Joseph (Mercer)

St. Joseph Church (1911)
101 W. Pearl St. Wapakoneta (Auglaize)

St. Louis Church (1914)
15 Star Rd. North Star (Darke)

St. Mary Church (1871)
3821 Philocthea Rd. Philothea (Mercer)

St. Michael Church (1881)
33 Elm St. Ft. Loramie (Shelby)

St. Nicholas Church (1908)
128 Church St. Osgood (Darke)

St. Patrick Church (1884)
Glynwood Rd. Glynwood (Auglaize)

St. Paul Church (1888)
Sharpsburg Rd. Sharpsburg (Mercer)

St. Peter Church (1904)
1477 Philothea Rd. St. Peter (Mercer)

St. Remy Church (1946)
108 E. Main St. Russia (Shelby)

St. Rose Church (1911)
7428 State Route 119, St. Rose (Mercer)

St. Sebastian Church (1903)
3280 County Rd. 716A, St. Sebastian (Mercer)

St. Wendelin Church (1870)
2980 Ft. Recovery-Minster Rd. Wendelin (Mercer)



The Churches in Boston Mass. I have not seen but I heard they are gorgeous. I love the cross and it's story. I build garden and memorial crosses for yards and flower beds on Good luck with church findings. God Bless

Russ Martin (AKA "Steeple Chaser") said...

Thanks Phillip.