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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is located in McCartyville and was the first church I visited. The church was recently renovated by adding a major addition. They did an excellent job of combining the new and old parts of the church. I could not readily tell where the old left off and the new started. One unique feature that struck me was that the church was faced with flatstone and not brick. (See Description of the Byway for pictures) This gave it a more modern look and probably is why the addition fitted in so well.

When I take pictures this close to home I usually plan to make several trips. It never ceases to amaze me what a difference a change in day/light can make. In my photo class they taught us the rule that it’s best to take outdoor pictures in the morning and evening. I am really starting to appreciate and understand that rule as I return to find new beauty in the same subject under new light. Sometimes you discover something new like this old iron cross.

I tend to think of my first visit like a meet and greet. You exchange names, some pleasantries and move on. The second is more relaxed and takes more time. You talk about each others work and wife and kids. You leave with a little more understanding and knowledge of your new acquaintance. Further visits and you become friends, sharing feelings and dreams. This is the point for me where I go from taking pictures to capturing the moment.

The church had many elements that I wanted to capture not just photograph so I knew I would be spending some time here. It took several trips before I was happy with any of them. I think I visited the church no less than 5 times to take pictures. One of those was after a spring day rain and the other at night. Finding the Calvary monument lit up at night was a nice surprise.

The Calvary memorial in the cemetery tucked behind the church has proven to be most photogenic. It has grown to be one my favorite subjects. It became one of my “Where did you see Jesus” moments when I caught it with the sun setting. I was so taken by the sight that I almost forgot to take a picture.

More Pictures Coming Soon.


idicaii said...

Don't give it all away with your title link, make 'em hungry for MORE!

Russ Martin said...


I plan on changing the gallery to just the pictures posted in the blog.

Lynnster said...

Wow- Russ what a beautiful picture! This is Lynn from Tar Hollow!

Russ Martin said...

Thanks Lynn. I actually sold a print of the Crucifixion Sunset.

Russ Martin said...

Concerning the frist two post about a picture Gallery. That is on hold for now.