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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Joyful Mysteries (In Stained Glass)

I took these this weekend at St. Joseph in Wapakonetta. This set of pictures will be featured in my upcoming show of the Cross Tipped Churches at the Library in February.

The Annunciation.

Fruit of the Mystery: Humility

The Visitation.

Fruit of the Mystery: Love of Neighbor

The Nativity.

Fruit of the Mystery: Poverty (poor in spirit), Detachment from the things of the world, Contempt of Riches, Love of the Poor

The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

Fruit of the Mystery: Purity, Obedience

The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple.

Fruit of the Mystery: True Wisdom and True Conversion, Piety, Joy of Finding Jesus

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