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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Was Assumed in Body and Soul into Heavenly Glory

This is one of many modern style Stained Glass Windows I found in the St. Charles Seminary. The date on the window is 1950. This picture is made up of two shots. One upper and one lower.

Click on above image for a larger view.

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Doc Meadows said...

Not terrible as moderns go, but a catastrophe when you compare it to the pre-renovation shots on the catholic telegraph blog. Mercer county is a very good spot. I am probably more amateur than yourself but also like to shoot churches.... If you have not been to these places yet, I would recommend Kentucky around Bardstown, the Batesville deanery in east central IN, the Jasper, IN area, and IL ( the junction between the Joliet and Peoria dioceses. My Blog Spirits that loved her documents a few of the churches, but I have not yet been as prolific as you have in terms of postings.