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Saturday, May 14, 2011

St. Augustine / St. Joseph Parish Center

It has been quite some time since I have posted a Building/Documentary type picture. This is the Saint Augustine / Saint Joseph Parish Center located by the Saint Augustine Church in Minster. I am not sure of the history of the building. If someone would like to E-Mail me or leave a comment with some more information that would be great.

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the Egyptian said...

hey Russ, long time, I went to school in that building, at the time it housed grades 1 to 3, the 4 to 8 was to the west of this picture. This building replaced an even more ornate building that burned down shortly after completion, I believe only 10 years or so. the front entrance is just around the corner under the tower but we never used it always this or the one straight across from it. The building west of it was the high school when my Dad went to Minster, he completed the first 8 grades in Egypt at the school house next to the church, my class was the first that did not attend any classes in Egypt, by my time the high was moved to a new building on the north edge of town. The school abandoned this building when they built the new elementary next to the current high school about 8 years ago or so and moved the 1 to 4 to the building Dad new as the high school, now they have abandoned it too due to a miscalculation of the student body numbers. As a kid I was picked up by the bus and we stopped at Egypt to meet another bus, all the high schoolers went on one bus and proceeded to school as the high school started 45 minuets earlier, the rest of us went to Mass at Egypt and then on to school, the kids from Minster were in Mass at St Augustine when we arrived and when they left out school started, at a public school to boot, The sisters kept track of communion on 1st Fridays right in their grade books, can you imagine the lawsuits today. My fondest memories were of bad snow days or bad rain when the sisters would lead us down to the basement, unlock the grate and lead us through the steam and utility tunnel under the playground to the elementary building to get to the cafeteria, right past the boilers and electric panels and the storage rooms, great places to hide and explore till you got caught. enough of my blabber, good photo. See Ya