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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Real vs Electronic - Flip Phone Tour

Finding electronic votive candles in place of real ones at the St. John Catholic Church in Fryburg took me a little by surprise. They are the first ones I have came across since I have been touring the churches. I would love to hear from my Catholic Followers on how they feel about the electronic votive candle vs a real one.

Electronic Votive Candles 
St. John Catholic Church 
Fryburg Ohio


Anonymous said...

I'm okay with them, as long as they don't require money to "light" them. It's just seems one step too far.

Of course, nothing beats real candles, but I understand that they come with a certain amount of liability.

RussDaMan said...

Thanks for the comment. At first I didn't even notice because they flicker just like a real flame. I certainly get the risk of having open flames in a fairly unoccupied building, but it still looks out of place to me. Just call me old fashion I guess.

42N said...

This is the first I have read or seen of the electronic candles. They make sense from a fire safety standpoint but takes the romantic notion of a live flame out of the equation. Wonder if it really matters in the long term?

Kurt H said...

I prefer the traditional flame candles. I understand the fire safety argument, but it isn't like a lot of churches have been catching fire due to unattended votive candles, unless I'm missing the headlines. I like the symbolism of the candle being consumed by the flame. An electric light, even if it is endowed with a fake flicker, just isn't the same.

RussDaMan said...


I say I must agree with you. My guess is iti is all driven by insurance . Sort of like when they took out the ball field across from St. John the Baptist.