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Monday, December 8, 2008

Station of the Cross XII - B&W

All these pictures were taken with Black and White Film at the Shrine of the Holy Relics as part of my Black and White Road Trip.

Station 12 of the Cross (The Death of Jesus)

This is one of fourteen stations that use to be housed at St. Augustine church in Minster.

Station of the Cross 
Shrine of the Holy Relics 
Maria Stein Ohio


Kevin Hammer said...

Fine photos!

The saint is St. Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower).

DKuet said...

Being from this area, I greatly appreciate your fascination. It is a very much forgotten part of Ohio. I also wanted to tell you of 3 churches you did not mention that I think you would enjoy.

St. Michael's in Ft. Loramie is a massive church, with beautiful bronze statues outside, and intricate wood carvings inside.

St. Nicholas in Osgood is known for it's hard wood floor and wood plank ceiling above the alter.

Lastly St. Louis in North Star has recently been completely renovated and is a beautiful modern church that holds amazing interior light.

Thank you again for your photos of this great part of Ohio.

Russ Martin said...

Thank Kevin, Always nice to here from the boys up North.

Russ Martin said...

Thanks So Much for the feed back and suggestions DKuet. I will be checking them out.