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Monday, December 29, 2008

New for 2009

I have just had a great time this past year honing my photography skills and taking pictures of these wonderful old churches. At first I was going to tapper off and go to monthly updates instead of weekly but I have decided to continue with the weekly updates. My new goal is to published at least one picture of all the Cross Tipped Churches by the end of 2009. Of course there will still be the occasional off topic post.

Whats New in 2009

A non photo post that you can find by its link at the bottom of the page. Simply a place for me to record and share my thoughts. Feel free to share your own by leaving a comment.

Additional Photo Galleries
I will be adding Photo Gallery links for the Cross Tipped Churches and more. These will also be accessed by a link in the right margin. The pictures for the link will not necessarily change every time the gallery gets updated. I will put the update date at the top of each picture gallery link.

My son Tyler and I have designed a business card to leave/hand out to promote the blog and let people know they have been featured in the blog.

All post have been labeled and categorized by location and subject. You can use this to see all post that have pictures of a particular location such as a church or subject such as stain glass windows. You will find an area labeled Categories in the right margin.

Calvary Memorial taken at St. Michael's Cemetery

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Russ Martin (AKA "Steeple Chaser") said...

Update - Well as you can see I still haven't got anything that resembles a gallery and the business card though still a good idea was never created. However the Categories are alive and well and updated and a search feature has been added as well.