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Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 2009 Weekly Journal

1/28/09 Another Weather Cancellation
Well due to the rather bit of bad weather I had to cancel yet another photo opportunity. Looks like I will have to reschedule shooting the Relic Chapel at night. Bummer. My back still aches from shoveling snow out of the drive. This picture was taken on one my earlier winter walk about. Picture taken at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in McCartyville.

I also added a list of the Cross Tipped Churches. There are more than listed but his is all I have so far. To see the list just click on the Picture Link in the right margin.

1/27/09 AKA Steeple Chaser and More
After much thought I am adding the moniker AKA Steeple Chaser to my profile. In view of the following online definition I think it fits me nicely:
[From the use of church steeples as landmarks.]
stee'ple·chas'er n.

I am very excited about getting to meet Sr Regina and shoot the relic chapel at night, lit only by candle light and the altars’ LEDs for the relics. Happens Tomorrow!

There is a church in Kettlersville (Immanuel), with a beautiful LARGE stained glass window that they light from within the church at night. I called the church to setup a meeting to get some inside shots. I hope that my night shot of the window will do it justice.

1/22/09 Winter Picture Finds
While driving home I spotted this and had to stop and take a picture.

It made my Photo of the Week Gallary.

I also took this picture of Saints Paul and Peter Church while I was about looking for more snow pictures.

1/20/09 Up Coming Post
Church in the Woods (The Sugar House - Shrine of the Holy Relics)
Relic Chapel at Night (Shrine of the Holy Relics)
Chapel (Shrine of the Holy Relics)
Relic Classes (Shrine of the Holy Relics)
50 Foot Cross and Pond at Night (Spiritual Center of Maria Stein)
St. Nicholas
Relic Chapel (Stained Glass - Shrine of the Holy Relics)

1/18/09 Hocking Hills Winter Hike

The hike was fantastic. We hiked the full six miles. I must admit the last two miles were a little tough but worth it.

Click here to view the gallery.

1/15/09 Conflict of Interest (Again) Self Inflicted No Less
I wanted to try and cover all the remaining churches by the end of the year which would more than likely give me a 100 post or more for the year. Both goals that I have set for the year but..... I also want to add a little more meat to my post. More factual/historical data to go along with the pictures. Talk about a speed bump. I guess I will just see how it finishes out and re-evaluate at the end of the year.

I hope to create a post this weekend listing all the Cross Tipped Churches.

Snow, Snow and more Snow. Well I got my wish and then some. The Winter Hike is a go for this Saturday. I will post the pictures in my Think Focus Click blog.

Received confirmation from the Shrine to shoot the Relic Chapel at night. YEA!

1/14/09 Phone Call to the Shrine of the Holy Relics
I just recently called and talked with Sister Mary Ellen from the Shrine of the Holy Relics. I must say she is quite the joy to talk to. I called to see if I could setup a photo shoot of the Relic Chapel at night only lit by candle light and the lights of the altar. With any kind of luck at all I might get my wish. I found Sister Mary Ellen simply a delight to talk with and ended the conversation wishing I had more time to chat.

1/10/09 Awe Shucks
I was all set to go and shoot St. Johns Church in Glandorf this Saturday, but I had to beg off due to the poor road conditions brought on by freezing rain. I hope I can still make the Shrine of the Holy Relics Sunday.

1/7/09 Upcoming Shoots
Well it looks like Jan 17 Hocking Hills Winter Hike is a go. I will be visiting the St. Johns Church in Glandorf, Ohio very soon....Way Cool. Plan to visit the Shrine of the Holy Relics this Sunday to take some color shots inside and hopefully some snowy ones outside.

1/3/09 A Church Up North
I was driving back from Lima and decided to take a quick detour to Wapakoneta on my way home. I found an awesome church St. Joseph. It was well lit at night and I was cursing myself for not having my camera. The historic downtown section was pretty cool too. I am going to try and make it back this weekend to take some pictures.

1/1/09 Happy New Year
I have been hoping to get some holiday pictures with snow but so far no snow to speak of. I am getting ready and looking forward to the Hocking Hills Winter Hike January 17. With any luck and a lot of cold weather the waterfalls will be frozen. I will provide a link to the pictures in the new Picture Gallery section if I make it.

It was a bit of a crunch but I made 50 post last year. I started the blog in June. This year my goal will be 100 post and to promote the blog more.

If there is something you'd like to see more of or would like to see something added drop me a line/comment. I'd love to hear from you.

To follow this post as it drifts down the list as more post are added you can just click on the link at the bottom of the web page "The Weekly Journal".

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