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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maria Stein Heritage Museum

The Maria Stein Heritage Museum and Shrine of the Holy Relics are all housed in the same building. The museum is located on the second floor. Opened in 1982, the museum was designed to preserve and display the culture of the early pioneers of southern Auglaize and Mercer counties in Ohio.

The settlers were mostly German descent of Roman Catholic faith and are responsible for the numerous cross tipped spires in the area, creating what we now call "The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches". The displays are a remembrance to their way of life.

Along with a history of the area and Cross Tipped Churches, special attention is given the history of the Sisters of the Precious Blood and the contributions they made to the community.

The museum while not large is a wealth of information. I have found it an interesting way to spend the afternoon on more than one occasion.

Featured so far is a Wood Carved Interpretation of one of the Stations of the Cross. This is actually in a gallery separate from the museum and is 1 of 14 carvings. Porcelain Nuns having fun, one of just many on display. This one made me chuckle. A collection of rosary's and a moment of time captured in the form of a crucifix and pillow. Pictured left a crucifix hanging agains a nun's uniform from back in the day.

This is called a Passion Trophy. According to the placard it containes the elements found in the Passion of Christ. It reads as follows: "So called for the instruments of torture used during the passion of Jesus. The lantern used to find Jesus in the garden. The sword that cut off the servant's ear, The scourge, the dice used by the soldiers to cast lots for Jesus' tunic, the purple robe, the cock that crowed, the vessel with common wine, the sponge on a sprig of hyssop, the lance the pierced Jesus' heart, the ladder with which they took down Jesus' body."

There is plenty to see and do here and I highly recommend making it a stop if your ever in the area.

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Russ Martin (AKA "The Online Guy") said...

The Passion Trophy picture is not one of my better ones, but I found it to be a very interesting subject. I was having problems getting the focus I wanted because of the domed glass. I will try again on another visit.