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Saturday, January 3, 2009

St's. Paul and Peter Church Newport Ohio

While coming home from one of my Cross Tipped Church outings I came across another cross tipped church, the St's. Paul and Peter church. The church is located off of State Route 66 in Newport. It's a very elegant stone and wood timbered church that took me by surprise. The inside was a trip back to a simpler time. I just loved the latticed windows and wooden beams. The candles in the windows for the holidays further added to the nostalgia feel. Old fashion are the words that comes to mind when walking through this church.

The arched hunter-green wooden doors with their ornate black hinges and holiday wreath anchored in stone had a surprising warm and friendly appearance. A theme I would find consistent throughout the church.

The Stations of the Cross were yet another surprise. This is the first time I have seen this type of relief for the stations.

I found the red and white poinsettias in the shape of a cross an interesting addition to the main altar.

The crucifix behind the main altar was small but fit well with the rest of the church motif. I also thought it was a very interesting design. The side altar was a fantastic wood relief of Jesus. Unfortunately I did not capture it well enough to post. A good excuse for another visit.
The cemetery attached to the church offered more picture opportunities. There were numerous statues that I wanted to capture but my stomach was reminding me that I had skipped lunch and supper time had already passed. So I took this one before I left.

This last profile picture of the church made me wish I had been here in the fall. I can see this church and Autumn complementing each other very well. I had a great time and plan on coming back.


the Egyptian said...

thanks for checking my blog Russ, I was baptized in that church, Mom and Dad used to rent a house over by Willowdell, west of Newport, then we lived at St Rose (rental) then moved to Egypt, home farm

Kimberly said...

I LOVE the composition and coloring of the green arched doorway photo!

Russ Martin (AKA "The Online Guy") said...

Thank Egyptian,
I certainly enjoy the personal history and insight that you offer in your blog.

Russ Martin (AKA "The Online Guy") said...

Thanks Kim,

This church was like taking a step back in time. The doors were just too cool not to shoot. I have a centered picture of both doors, but of course that breaks too many photo rules so I didn't post that one.