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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sacred Heart of Jesus (Christmas 2008)

Christmas is officially over at our house. The tree is down, the ornaments and lights packed away and the St. Nicholas Square village is on the short list of things to go next. What seems to take weeks to put up come downs remarkably fast.

I got to visit three Churches while they were decorated for the holidays. St. Michael, St's. Peter and Paul church in Newport and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. St. Michael I've already posted. These pictures are from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. I will post St's. Peter and Paul Church soon.

As good fortune would have it I found the church well lit for yet another pending wedding. Of course it also limits my time as people start to arrive. I was surprised to find two nativities. Both are superb. This one by the entrance stretches out quite a ways. The nativity pictured above in front of the main altar even features the little drummer boy. You can left click on either Nativity for a larger picture.

I am making a mental note to make an appointment for 2009 and do a dedicated series for these Nativities. They deserved better than I presented here. Poinsettias seem to be the flora of choice. I think they are in every church I've ever been in during this holiday season. It seems fitting that my first post for 2009 starts with the same church that I started with back in June of 08, when I started this blog. I am looking forward to visiting and blogging more churches in 09. Well the wedding photographer is here and some of the wedding party. My time is up.

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