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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Weekly Journal 2009

Welcome to my Weekly Journal. Each month I create a post to collect my thoughts and meanderings for the month. You can quickly find this post as it drops down the list by clicking on the Weekly Journal Link at the bottom of the Web Page.

Happy Birthday! The Cross Tipped Church Blog is 1 Year Old.

Busy, Busy, Busy
I knew it would be rough getting pictures for this blog in June. July doesn't look much better. I did make it to St. Mary's in Philothea.

Ohio Arts Grant - I was going to apply for a grant to create a roaming display to promote "The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches." The original deadline was this September. My chances are slim, only 8 percent of those that apply get accepted. However due to budget cuts the counsel has divided the divisions into two separate years. Unfortunately, Photography was moved to September 2010. Oh well I guess I should count my blessings and use the time to plan.

Cross Tipped Churches Photo Exhibit - February 2010 Amos Memorial Public Library, Sidney Ohio. Yes it is a long way's off, but to do an exhibit the size/scale that I want I need to start now!

A Guide to the Cross Tipped Churches - Someone suggested this and I thought it would be a good idea. I hope to have something in time for the exhibit.

Cross Tipped Churches Screen savers and Wallpapers and of course the guide
will be available for download once I get my Web page up and running.

GOAL - I hope to have visited all the churches at least once by the end of the year.

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