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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Weekly Journal 2009

Welcome to my Weekly Journal. Each month I create a post to collect my thoughts and meanderings for the month.
01/09/09 Journal Entry

OOPS! - Well it's hard to miss the format change. I wasn't planning on changing the template just yet but I missed click while checking out different templates and well there you have it. I am still working out a few kinks. I wanted to change from full page back to a more narrow version because I wanted to make it easier for me to make short but sweet post. I also removed the Read More option. I plan on adopting a one to two picture post with a small summary. I am hoping this will help me keep the blog fresh and not go stale waiting for the next marathon post. Before I do that I will continue to post pictures I have taken but never posted. I've got about another weeks worth of postings so far. I really liked my original Cross Tipped Church header but could not get it to work with the new format. I will see what Tyler and I can come up with for the new look.

Words of Encouragement - Your comments and E-Mails are important to me. I recently received two very nice E-Mails that helped get me back on track with the Cross Tipped Church Blog. Thank You

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