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Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints In Stained Glass

I was contacted by Brent Devitt asking if I would be willing to contribute some of my images to a project he is working on for the Shrine of the Holy Relics. Below is an E-Mail I received from Brent outlining the project.

This project is an attempt to bring an “illuminated” face to the saints whose relics rest in the Shrine of the Holy Relics. Many stained glass images of saints are found throughout the churches of the world, many in fact in the churches of the Land of the Crossed Tipped Churches. The project involves finding as many images of the saints as possible with a special effort on finding images from area churches. A short biography, a list of patronages, names origins, and attributes or symbols often found in images of the saints. accompanies each image.

The sisters who care for the Shrine remark that often visitors have questions about the saints. This project will provide the kind of information and images that will complement that sacred relics found in the shrine. Russ Martin has generously offered to lend some of his images to the project to add to some taken by Brent Devitt of Beavercreek Ohio near Dayton. Brent is a Catholic Elementary School Principal at Ascension School in Kettering Ohio. He was taught in elementary school by some of the Precious Blood Nuns whose origins in Ohio were at Maria Stein. In some ways this is a tribute to the teaching sisters who shared the stories of the saints with so many young people over the years.

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