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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Terrible Time for Jesus

I came across this wonderful illustrated children's story titled  A Terrible Time For Jesus by the Bible for Children. This is the story of Jesus' triumph in the desert. However, unfortunately for most of us Christian's it is more like "Not now Jesus this isn't a good time. Could you just look the other way." -- What time does Jesus have in your life?

Sacred Heart of Jesus Clock 
St. Francis Catholic Church


Kelline said...

I gaze at that face and wonder what He really looked like. Isaiah 58 says, "...He had no form or comeliness that we should desire Him..." and it makes me realize how far off all of the portraits are of Him. Which of course, makes sense to me. Why would God the father send us a beautiful man in whom we would automatically be drawn to? Beauty draws us and ugly repulses. I believe Jesus was aesthetically repulsive and therefore only those with a good heart would want to be drawn to such a "beast." That might sound controversial but it's not about what He looked like anyway. I realize that's a bit off subject as pertaining to your post. The photograph is beautiful. Serene.

Russ Martin (AKA "Steeple Chaser") said...


If you get all that from a picture of a clock, you'd go absolutely nuts visiting these churches. Nice insight of the image. I will probably use it to go along with the print in the next show.