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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fort Recovery

Fort Recovery is home of the Fort Recovery Indians and a great place to visit. Historical information and sites abound here. It is the only point of interest on the byway that is not church related.

According to their web site this historic village is built on the sit of General St. Clair's defeat in 1791 and General Anthony Wayne's battle (recovery) in 1794. The fort built under Wayne's command was called Fort Recovery which remains the name of the village today. To truly appreciate this place you have to spend some time reveling in the history.

This monument is not hard to find and stands as a tribute to those who have fallen. It's the center piece for a very nice park.

The fort complex has several buildings one of which is the museum. Unfortunately it was not open while I was there. The Front of the fort is pretty much all that remains fort wise.

This old Shell station serves as the Visitor Information Center and is just one of many nostalgia type buildings you will find in the area.

I wish I had more time while I was there to do more exploring. There is plenty I did not see. I am planning on coming back for some fall pictures later next month and hopefully tour and see the museum.


Irene said...

That old Shell station is really nostalgic. Can we get some more images?

Also, I seem to remember somewhere in the distant past that one of the tribes had a village on the site before the Revolutionary War. Do you know anything about that?

Russ Martin said...

Thanks, Irene.

I took a few other pics of the gas station but the sun was just too bright. I hope to get some better ones this up and coming fall.

I am not much of a history buff so I can't say much about the history.

Russ Martin said...
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