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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Immaculate Conception Church Celina Ohio

The immaculate Conception Church in Celina Ohio is not on the scenic byway but is part of The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches. I took the opportunity to visit it on my way back from taking pictures at St. Anthony. I had never been to Celina before and was surprised by the number of photo ops it offered besides the church. I am definitely going back to spend some quality time walking around and taking pictures.

While swapping out lenses a most unfortunate thing happened. I dropped my lens (While standing on the concrete sidewalk). The lens survived but my circular polarizer did not. I guess I should not complain as it probably sacrificed its life to save my lens. If you only have one filter the circular polarizer is the one to I will have to replace it. It's greatly responsible for the nice blue skies that I get. I also use it in place of a Neutral Density Filter when I have a need for one.

This year I have lost one 2GB Compact Flash Card to the Laundry, One lens Cap in Cincinnati and now one Polarizer Filter. Not too bad but it still hurts the pocket book.

This is just a beautiful church. The three cross tipped domes definitely make it unique. The church was not open while I was there but you can check out fellow blogger Kyle Gase's post on pictures he took inside with his Cell Phone. Elsewhere in Ohio Immaculate Conception, Celina


goooooood girl said...
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Kyle Gase said...

Great blog you have going here! I really love the Mercer County area with all the churches. There's such a great variety there, and they're all so close together.

Keep up the great work!