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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Church of the Holy Trinity

My visit to this church has by far been my most productive. I came away with more usable pictures than I normally do. This cross tipped spire is just beautiful. You can't really appreciate the detail unless you get a close look like this. This was taken with my Canon 75-300mm f/3.5 lens. Its the under $200 dollar zoom lens I got from Wal-Mart when I bought my Canon Rebel K2 35mm film camera.
When I think of the Holy Trinity, I think of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit so I was surprised when I read the history of the church. The following text is from their web page:
The founding of Holy Trinity Parish dates back to 1867 when three Catholic families, Kallmeyer, Boese, and Pohl of the Coldwater area sought permission for the construction of a wood frame church; hence the name "Holy Trinity."
It's this kind of stuff I find that makes me want to dig even deeper into the history of these German Catholic churches.
Here is another shot from the outside, using a wide angle lens from a very low viewpoint. I thought it made for a pretty cool pic.

Cross Tipped Spire
Holy Trinity Catholic Church 
Coldwater Ohio


Kimberly said...

I love the composition in the second photo (the church facade).

Russ Martin said...

Thanks Kimberly,

This was a fun shoot. Glad you liked the shot.