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Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Weekly Journal 2009

Welcome to my Weekly Journal. Each month I create a post to collect my thoughts and meanderings for the month. You can quickly find this post as it drops down the list by clicking on the Weekly Journal Link at the bottom of the Web Page.

02/25/09 Photo Black and White Film Project and Next Church

I still like to shoot film every now and then and have come up with a Black and While film project. I am going to do a BW of the St. Charles Seminary Stained Glass window and Organ Pipes. Sepia Tone it and Colorize the stained glass window by hand with Marshal Oils. I hope to complete the picture taking this weekend. This will be a long process so I will keep you updated on my progress in my Weekly Journal. All the processing will be done by hand. I will develope the film, and process the print in a darkroom.

Next Church
I am also planning on shooting St. Joseph in Egypt this weekend and hopefully catch-up with the German Egyptian himself. Very Cool.

Radio Maria
Look for something on this Radio Station I found in my own back yard in March.

02/19/09 Upcoming Photo Shoots
I have not had a chance to visit and take any recent photos of churches. Hopefully I will be able to get out this weekend.

Wrestling is coming to Sidney so I don't have to travel so far so I have agreed to shoot it. David P. is going to help me and think we are in for a great time. March 7. Here is a link to my Think Focus Click blog with the post from the last show.
Xtreme Wrestling Sorg Arena

Orchids in the Winter! Franklin Conservatory has its Orchid display till March 1. I may try and make it out there (Columbus Ohio). I have a Photo Club shoot planned there for March 14 when they release the butterflies. Here is a link to the pictures I took from last years Orchid Display.
Franklin Park Conservatory Orchids 2008

02/10/09 Friends of Cross Tipped Churches
My blog is getting featured and linked in other blogs and web pages so I thought I'd create a special link section just for them. That is going to be my project for tonight. Here is the latest link:

My Hometown Ohio

I had a great time taking pictures this weekend at St. John's Church in Freyburg. I plan on trying to visit St. John in Egypt next.

02/05/09 Fantastic Picture Day
Yesterday I met with the pastor of the Immanuel Church of Christ during lunch and had great time taking pictures and learning about the church. The Windows are huge 18 feet by 15 feet. I hope to post it tonight

The night shoot of the Relic Chapel also went very well. A big thank you goes out to Sr. Regina and David Pence for making it possible. I was very pleased with the way most of the shots came out. Shooting in low light is always a challenge. I hope to have these posted this weekend.

I plan on making a Cross Tipped Church picture outing this Sunday. I haven't decided on where just yet.


02/03/09 A Star is Born
In an attempt to get more feedback I have added three reaction options for all post. You can rate a post either 1 STAR okay, 2 STAR Great, 3 STAR Fantastic

02/02/09 Picture Updates Good and Bad News

Well the night shoot of the Relic Shrine is back on schedule and I have another meeting with the pastor of the Immanuel Church. That's the good news. The bad news is we will probably now get a blizzard.

02/01/09 Super Bowl Sunday and More
Like so many other's I am watching the Superbowl today. While it has not been much of a picture weekend, it has been a fun one. I finished Stephen King's Wizard and Glass book IV of the Dark Tower Series and spent some time with my youngest son playing Little Big Planet. I also attended and participated in the last of my Scouts Eagle Court of Honor.

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