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Sunday, February 22, 2009

St. Sebastian

Today I got to visit a wonderful little church just outside of Chickasaw; Saint Sebastian. It was refreshing because I did not have to rush through the shoot. In fact I spent over 2 hours taking pictures.

This statue of Saint Sebastian sits just off the right between the main and right altars. You can see St. Anthony in the background. You cannot see it in the picture but at his feet on the other side of the candle is the hilt of a broken sword.

I really liked the way this picture of the left altar featuring the Virgin Mary came out. St. Rita of Cassius is on the left and St. Theresa (The Little Flower of Jesus) is on the right.

This is a closeup of the Virgin Mary stepping on a serpent.

The right altar featured Joseph with baby Jesus, with St. Anthony on the left and St. Francis of Assisi (The Patron Saint of Animals) pictured here on the right. St Francis is sometimes found with a skull at his feet.

The main altar featured Jesus on the left and Mary on the right.

Flanked by angels.

The High Altar had a relief of the Last Supper that I thought was pretty unique. It actually had disciples on both sides of the table.

The church had plenty of stained glass windows and large statues of the Stations of the Cross.

This one came out pretty cool in Black and White!

This is just one of many of the stained glass windows you will find in this church.

Above the main altar is a stained glass window of St. Sebastian.

The following is an excerpt from the Wikipidia concerning St. Sebastian:
Diocletian reproached Sebastian for his supposed betrayal, and "he commanded him to be led to the field and there to be bounden to a stake for to be shot at. And the archers shot at him till he was as full of arrows as an pincushion, leaving him there for dead. Miraculously, the arrows did not kill him.

This was a great shoot and I could post another dozen pictures but I will call it for tonight. I may create another post in the near future.

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