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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mary, Great with Child

When I consider women, meek or proud,
how God regarded her, her low estate,
young Mary, great with child! Her Child is great!
She swaddled Christ in clothing like His shroud,
and she hath seen Christ on the Cross and cloud,
and Christ hath led her through the narrow gate,
where she drank of His blood. His flesh, she ate.

"My Savior is my Son," this saint avowed.
Eve, mother of all living, hath her rest
in Thee, O Son of Sarah, God's own Son,
whom Rahab would have suckled at her breast
and Ruth of Moab would love like her own.
Thee Hannah would surrender: Thee, her best!
Yet Mary birthed Thee, Jesus Christ, alone.

Copyright 2009 by Michael Rew

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