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Friday, September 7, 2012

Steeple - St. John Fryburg

I got this awesome shot of the St. John Steeple in Fryburg, in the early morning light, while waiting on the Mock Turtle 5K race to begin. It is quite possibly the best picture of a steeple I have taken to date.

 Cross Tipped Steeple 
Saint John Catholic Church 
Fryburg Ohio


Kelline said...

looks like an oldie but a goodie

Steeple Chaser said...

It is the oldest church of the bunch and looked great in the morning light.

Church Pews said...

The morning view of this old church makes it look even more beautiful. The morning light falling on the cross makes the entire church glow. One must view this picture, I would recommend all to view and further share this blog so that all can get a glimpse of this magnificent church.

Steeple Chaser said...

Thanks Church Pews,

I have to agree, she is a beauty, I am thinking of adding this one to my Poster Series.

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