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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

This year's Mock Turtle Soup 5K go off to a great start this year. The race is held in Fryburg and is the kick-off to their Homecoming Celebration sponsored by the St. John Catholic Church.

The race started with a prayer and a blessing and of course the singing of the National Anthem.

And their OFF!

As you can see from the above banner logo, the first race was held in 2010.

5K Mock Turtle Run 
Saint John Catholic Church 
Fryburg Ohio


Brenda said...

Hi Russ,
it looks like everyone is having fun (except the turtle, that is).

Steeple Chaser said...

You might say he's running for his Life LOL...This was the first time I had ever had Mock Turtle soup. It was okay, can't say that I am a fan. Had a Skyline Chilli Flavor to it (Ginger and Cinnamon).