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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 11th Commandment and Other Oddities

On my last trip out I completed the byway, but have not completed taking or posting pictures. On this trip I ran across a couple of things that I just had to share.

The Eleventh Commandment!

I will let you find the location of this sign on your own, but violators beware you will be persecuted. This sign also comes with a very inspiring view.

With gas prices flirting at the $4.00 mark this picture may make more sense than we would like. I just want to know how many miles to the bucket of oats do you get.

I would have missed these gourd bird houses, if I had not stumbled upon them in someone else’s blog on their own adventure. I did not find the ones they had pictured, but once I started looking I found these sprouting out of several residential lawns.

Anyone who knows the story behind these please E-Mail me or post a comment. I’d love to know their story. (See comments for more info)


Russ Martin said...

Big Thank You to Rodney B. for E-Mailing me these two links concerning these gourd birdhouses. Evidently they are for purple martins, known for their appetite for mosquitoes. For $375 on sale you can get a double like this one. I am curious on how well they work.

Knuckles said...

My favorite road side attraction is the chicken statue on 127 between Coldwater and Carthagena.