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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saint Anthony

The first time I visited this church the sun was bright and behind it and I was unable to get any decent pictures of the outside. On my second trip, I made sure to leave in the morning and found favorable skies and light. (See Description of the ByWay for pictures) St. Anthony is the last church on the byway and as such a bit of a drive, so I stayed longer and took more pictures than I usually do.

After trying all sorts of ways to take pictures of murals on the ceiling, I finally came up with just setting the camera face up on the tripod and eyeballing the shot. Gee that was EASY.

This mural is the only painting on the ceiling. I am looking forward to returning and getting some history on this and the other paintings I have found on my travels along the byway.

The altar had a relief of the Last Supper on the front that I could not resist shooting. The imagery that I find in these churches is just amazing.

Can you identify the disciples in the picture? The funny thing about this picture is if it was filmed today it would look just like this. All twelve disciples and Jesus on one side of the table. I guess somethings never change.

I rarely go up in the balcony, but it was open and it looked like I might get a good shot of the altar from that vantage point. The shots of the altar were so, so but finding this rosary hanging on the wall is what made the trip up the steps worthwhile. I am afraid my picture doesn't do it justice.

I ended up liking this picture I took from the back of the church instead of the one I took from the balcony better.
Over all it was a 5 hour road trip. One that left me just a little bit tired. The churches do not run the AC during off hours, so it can get a little hot. There were a few side trips and surprises that made it all worth while. Besides any day that I'm taking pictures is a good day.


Anonymous said...

Try extracting it and put it on a dark background.

carefully look at your contrast.

I like the shot, it has potential.

Keep up the great work

Russ Martin said...

Thanks. I agree the rosary picture has more potential than what I captured. I like the idea of the black back ground. When I get a free moment I'll play around with it and see what happens. Thanks again for the comment and suggestion.