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Monday, July 14, 2008

St. Augustine (A Closer Look)

One of the churches I hadn't even so much as peeked into so far was St. Augustine. After hearing about the wonderful mosaic's from a friend, I decided to check it out. I wasn't disappointed.

While I was setting up to take pictures, I dropped my lens cap. The sound was almost deafening as it hit the floor in the empty church. All sounds were amplified. You could have carried on a normal conversation in a whisper. I always try and be reverent when I am in the churches. Removing my ball cap and trying to be quiet (not easy when your tripping on a prayer bench).

This stained glass window of St. Augustine was one of the first pictures I took.

I always look for the Stations of the Cross when I am in any Catholic church. These were easy to find because the heavy golden mosaics shown bright even in the dim light. It never ceases to amaze me how unique these displays can be from church to church.

I almost overlooked this small Crucifix, it practically gets lost in the background. Black and white marble are used throughout the church. I wonder if the mosaic tile patterns are just artistic or if they have a meaning. I hope to find out on my next visit.

Looking up, almost took my breath away. The murals look like something right off a museum wall. This picture is just one of many that you will find adorning the ceiling of the church.

I am glad no one came in as I was trying to take these pictures. I was laying down and doing all sort of contortions with my body and tripod trying to capture them.

I was almost finished when a couple arrived. Until then I had had the place to myself. I still had some pictures I wanted to take, but I told them I was just finishing up and started packing up my gear. I really didn't want to interfere with anybody who came to mediate/worship.

They said they were just passing through and had just stopped for a look. They were going to stay briefly take a quick tour and move onto the churches in Maria Stein. I had just met my first Land of the Cross Tipped Churches tourist. I took this last picture of Jesus on the cross behind the altar and following their example said a little prayer before I left.

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