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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love For All


A description of a life lived with Jesus Christ as the center of this one human universe. Herein I praise Him, herein I put my heart on the outside for all to see. It's my "Love For All."

Check out Kelline's blog Love For All just click on the link above... Oh and don't forget to feed the fish.  Great Blog Kelline keep up the great work.

 Stained Glass Window 
St. Wendelin Catholic Church

1 comment:

Kelline said...

Jaw is dropping and am in complete awe and total unabashed appreciation Russ!!!! I don't know how to express the appreciation and spark of Christian love!!! Thank you my brother!!! People rarely ever speak of someone else on their blogs for fear it will take attention away from themselves. This is a great show of unselfishness. I can't express it any other way!!! What a guy!!! When I clicked on to see if you had posted anything new I read the first 3 words, "Love For All," and thought (in that split second before my eyes moved down to the rest),'hm, that looks familiar, lol' and then I saw the beginning of my blog description and the rest begins with the first sentence of this comment. Thank you for showing appreciation and unselfishness. It's impressive in this world of self-servants. And I add that having someone who used to write the Weekly Post appreciate and/or respect my writings is saying a lot. I'm honored!!