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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My New Toy

The Tax Man provided me with a new Camera the Canon T3i 600D. 18MP and 1080 Full HD Video. Oh what fun I will have now. One of the coolest features besides the video is being able to use my Speed Light as a Salve Flash with the on-board camera flash. I know too much Camera Geek Speak. In Short I will have even more creative options for when I take pictures of the churches. Look Out Churches Here I Come


Kelline said...

Let me see if I can make sense to you, I have a Sony Super Steady Shot DSC-H2 Cyber Shot, 6.0 mega-pixel, with an MPEG Movie VX screen, and a 16m flash ISO 1000 wide end capability and a 12x optical zoom. But what I know about it is that there's this little button and if I push it I get perty pictures, lol.

Russ Martin (AKA "Steeple Chaser") said...

Any camera is a good camera if it takes good pictures. Or is it the person behind the lens? I actually left my DSLR behind on one of our vacation cruises and just took the wife's Kodak Easy Share Point in shoot. I must admit it was painful but I still got some nice pictures. I think it would of been a lot less painful if her camera had all the nice features that yours does.

Kelline said...

I have a Kodak Easy Share as well and it's just junk. It comes with a picture dock. At first I thought I had something but then as it started malfunctioning the company website didn't seem to have any information on it. It's a C533. I guess it's one of their earlier prototypes to what your wife has. I did get some good shots out of it after I figured out the difference between lithium batteries and alkaline, lol. Nobody on this planet seemed to know that's why I couldn't get it to work. I saw that word once tucked into the directions somewhere and thought, "hm, could I be using the wrong kind of batteries?" So I went out and bought lithium and sure enough! DINGDINGDING!! Must be a girl thing.