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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diary of a Steeple Chaser

August 19, 2012 

Wow, August is almost over and I have no idea were the month went. This summer has been one big blur.  I hope you are enjoying this months featured Church, Saint Michael of Fort Loramie.  There were so many pics to choose from that I am using some of the ones that didn't get posted in August for September.

Featured Post - As promised I have updated and added some new Featured Post. I will be adding to the Selected Poetry and Selected Prayer List as I continue to make may way through the old post. I am almost through 2008. I will soon be adding an About Post to further clarify the elements of the blog and update The Ohio Byway "The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches" to be more of a virtual tour format.

Speaking of Virtual Tours - This is something I am hoping to do next year. Not so much a complete pictorial , but I nice photo summary of the church complete with a little history. Besides the tours I am also going to try and do a few postings with interviews. Yep 2013 is starting to look like an interesting year for the blog.

Looking at the Categories, it's easy to see which churches could use a little more love. This will also be addressed next year. As mentioned in last months Diary Entry- September will be a catch up month with no plans for having a featured church. I am still not sure on what is going to happen with October, November and December.

The Way of the Cross Series II - I am giving this series a rest after this one completes this year and replace it with a special Advent Series on Sundays starting in January.

October Special - I will be touring the churches with the Piqua YWCA in October. I will definitely be taking pictures and posting the tour on the blog. This will be one of those rare occasions where I get to have people in the pictures that I take.

Russ Martin - Steeple Chaser

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