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Thursday, August 2, 2012

St. Michael Entrance a Before and After

It has been sometime since I posted one of my pictures with the - Before Edit and After. So I thought I post one from my most recent photo outing.  I have been trying for awhile to get some exterior pictures of the St. Michael Church that I liked.  It's a very photogenic church, but your options are hampered by power lines.  The above picture is one that I liked of the entrance and I thought it came out awesome in Black and White.

I recently started a Black and White Post-Card Series with the churches. I am thinking of doing a dozen of these and then doing another one in color. I am trying to come up with a technique that has a vintage look and feel. The above image is one of my first attempts.

And this my friends is the image that I started with. Amazing what a little creative post processing can do.

Saint Michael Catholic Church
Fort Loramie Ohio

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