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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Diary of a Steeple Chaser

August 30, 2012 

New Slide Show - The new slide show in the upper left corner is in the development stage. The vision is a slide show featuring 5 pictures from each church.

New Featured Post - About This Blog. This Featured Post has a brief history of the churches and the blog and a site map to boot.

Weekly Reading - I am switching gears yet again and replacing the Weekly Scripture Post with a passage from the weekly reading from Saturday's Mass. You will find this new feature at the bottom of the blog. There will not be an archive for these post like there was for the Weekly Scripture. 

Re-Edit of old Post - I am still working on 2008 but progress is being made.

Christmas Advent Series - I am toying with the idea of creating a special series of picture post for December. I am not yet completely sold on the idea but I am looking at the possibilities. 

St. John Fryburg Homecoming - I have been invited to take pictures this Sunday (Weather Permitting) of this weekends homecoming.  I am pretty excited for the opportunity to yet get some more pictures of the churches with people. And yes there will be an upcoming post with some of the pics.

Russ Martin - Steeple Chaser

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