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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Respect Life Memorial (Repost)

Large gray statue of Jesus holding children.I was really hoping to have made a few other post before re posting these, but this is the first place I've shot any pictures in The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches. I made a trip back determined to do better than I did the last time. This time I chose late evening. These daytime shots were actually shot just after 8:00 PM

There is a spotlight at the bottom of the statue and it came on just I was starting to shoot. I used a large white lid from a plastic storage box to defuse it. I cloned out the light and my lid for this and some other shots.

I was able to soften the harsh highlights in the night shots but the big improvement came in the pictures taken during the day. READ MORE...

Pictured here are the Day, Night and Scripture. For the night shot I used my Canon 430EX Speedlight mounted on a light stand aimed through a large studio softbox.

Engraving in stone Let the children come to me, do not stop them, for the Kingdon of God belongs to such as these.
Night shot of statue of Jesus holding children. Day shot of statue of Jesus holding children

This picture was taken with the statue's spotlight without diffusion.

Statue of Jesus holding children lit by spot light.

This time I tried a few close-ups.

Sepia tone close up of face of Jesus. Black and White close up of the face of Jesus

I also tried a few changes in composition for the Fountain and Statue Combination.

Large stone fountian with statue of Jesus holding children in the background.

Closeup of large stone fountain with statue of Jesus holding children in the background.

Large stone fountain with statue of Jesus holding children in the background.

I do think these came out much better than before, but it did help quite a bit that things were much greener.

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