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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Top Ten Pictures for 2011

1. Eucharist in Stained Glass - Saint Rose. When taking pictures of Stain Glass I look for ways I can take something other than the normal shot. I was able to do just that with this picture I took at St. Rose. From the Arch to the Reflection of the colors on the wall they all work together to make this a keeper.

2. Third Nail/Crucifix - Saint Rose Cemetery. This pictures post was titled Third Nail and detailed the pain and suffering that a person suffered when crucified. Sometimes the compelling nature of the subject is what makes it memorable.

3. Station of the Cross - Shrine of the Holy Relics. When I got my iPad2 I couldn't help but play around with some of the cool photo effects that came with some of the photo software. I thought this one came out pretty cool.

4. Crucifix - Shrine of the Holy Relics. This one was taken with my iPad2 and is one of the few pictures that I have taken with it that I liked. The sun rays really make this a one of a kind.

5. Fatima Statue and Prayer - Shrine of the Holy Relics. Sometimes I get lucky and get a cool angle that you don't see too often. Adding the prayer just made it all that more special.


6. Paper Mache Crucifix - Shrine of the Holy Relics. When I saw this awesome crucifix and the background I could get - I knew right away that I was going to be able to add a bible verse and which one it was going to be.

7. Mary Christmas Wreath with Three Crosses - Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is another one of those pictures taken in December of 2010 and posted in 2011. I tweaked the colors and added the three crosses in PhotoShop. I like it when you can add another dynamic without overdoing it.

8. Sorrowful Mother - Saint Joseph Egypt. Sometimes an image will just haunt you. I had tried and tried to get a picture that I liked of this statue for several years. The lighting and angle finally came after much hard work and rotten pictures.

9. Confessional - Saint Patrick. This is one of those where the picture you see didn't look quite like the original. I darkened and highlighted the whole image to create the mood that I wanted it to portray.

10. Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue - Saint John Fryburg. I added a special photoshop filter to get this effect. The coolest thing is that a church contacted me and wanted to use this image for the cover of their directory and web page. Of course I said yes.

I could of easily posted another ten pictures for this year. 2011 was a good year for me photo quality wise.

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42N said...

I like photo #1. Its filled with symbolism.