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Friday, March 27, 2009

Crucifixion St. Bernard (Burkettsville Ohio)

If you found this post looking for the It's Friday but Sunday's Comin' video click this link to see the video.

Last Sunday I made a day of steeple chasing after church. I spent several hours at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and then a stop-by at St. Wendelin and St. Bernard. St. Bernard is huge and dominates the landscape. It was late and I just wanted to poke my head in and plan for a future visit. As I was leaving I looked up and this is what I saw.

Picture of Crucifixion in balcony of church with large stained glass window in the backgroud

It was one of those jaw dropping moments, and to think I almost missed it.

It's a very tight crop but it was very low light making for a long exposure and because I was shooting up limited on what angle I could use. Most of the detail in the crucifixion I could not make out until post processing.

Picture taken at St. Bernard Burkettsville Oh.

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