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Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Hear Your Voice

Stained glass window with close-up of Jesus the Good Shepherd with a lamb on his shoulder

Good Shepherd, neither slumber, neither sleep,
but hear this lost lamb far afield, and seek,
and find this unfed firstling wounded, weak,
and wanting to be brought back to Your sheep.
Would I not follow You? Would I not keep
the ways and will and Word I hear You speak?
Would I not listen to Your voice, unique,
which must call even now, deep unto deep?

Stained glass window of Jesus the Good Shepherd with a lamb on his shoulder

I want to hear Your voice, O Rhema Word,
like I have heard the Logos I was fed
and disobeyed. Yet once again, I heard
You like a sheep, words uninterpreted,
and followed You, a little lamb so stirred
to hear Your voice, lovingly shepherded!
~ by Michael Rew

Copyright 2009 by Michael Rew
All Rights Reserved to the Glory of God

Michael has been very kind in letting me use his psonnets in my blog to go along with some of my pictures. I hope in the future to be able to use more of his work to illustrate my work as we both try to use our talents for the God we serve.

To read more of Michael's work click this link Revival of Love

Picture of stained glass window taken at the the St. Wendelin Church in Wendelin Ohio.

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