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Thursday, March 26, 2009

St. Remy Baptizes King Clovis

Stained glass window of St. Remy Baptizing King ClovisAfter the Germans had invaded France in 496, Clovis, seeing he was going to be annihilated, cried out "O Jesus, you who Clotilde (His wife) adores, give me victory and I will have myself baptized in your name." Hardly had he spoken, than the army of the Germans was vanquished. This answer to prayer brought Clovis before St. Remy to be baptized on December 25, 496. Clovis was baptized standing in a cistern receiving a triple sprinkling of water which symbolized faith in the Trinity. The bishop then poured the holy chrism over his head, anointing him with the sacrament of confirmation.

Text from St. Remy Catholic Church History Web page.

Picture of Stained Glass Window taken at St. Remy Church Russia Ohio.

I just love it when churches have a web page and include their history.

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