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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Lady of Ephesus

Large Statue of Our Lady of Ephesus with clouded sky background.In The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches there are many beautiful churches to visit. However, there is also the occasional side trip that leads to something new and interesting. This statue is Our Lady of Ephesus and stands outside the Lehman High School just outside of Sidney, Ohio. The statue is huge and is easily seen from Interstate (I 75). The following text comes from the website listed in the Related Link at the bottom of the post.

Jesus, dying on the cross, committed the care of His mother, Mary, to St. John the Apostle. "Then he said to his disciple, "Behold your Mother." And from that hour the disciple took Her into his home." John 19:27 History records he took her to Ephesus, the ancient ruins of which lie on the central western coast of Turkey. Several million tourists visit Ephesus each year and bring away with them the wonderful spiritual experience of having visited Mary's home, high on a hilltop overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The website also has a picture of a replica of Our Lady of Ephesus House of Prayer in Jamaica, Vermont.

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