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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saint Aloysius Church (Carthagena Ohio)

Statue of the resurected Christ with outstreached arms above the alterThe last wedding I shot was in the church of St. Aloysius in Carthagena. I was so focused on the wedding that I took little notice of the church. That was last fall. It took me till spring to make it back to take pictures for the blog. Some of the churches are rather dark even in daylight. I was very pleased to find this one fairly bright for only being lit by window light.

This statue of the risen Christ above the altar was an unexpected find. Most often its a Crucifix. There is a really great shot that I missed of the ceiling above the altar because I lost the light that I needed. I know it seems I am always looking for an excuse to come back.

I found the High Altar ready for Palm Sunday and the Altar/Portrait of Saint Joseph with the Cross of Lent. I caught two great window lit shots. The baptistery and three statues of saints. The church also had a very nice set of the Stations of the Cross. See Pictures Below.

High Alter with red sashes and palms

Painted portrait of Joseph and baby Jesus

Window lit baptistry

Window lit statues of three saints

Station three of The Way of the Cross - Jesus Falls

I am always on the hunt for an artistic shot or two when I am exploring the churches. This grouping of worship elements fit the bill nicely.

Close up of the elements used for the Eucherust

I was very happy with this picture of the table of palm leaves. I know its centered but to the left and right are two very nice looking fire extinguishers (Ugh).

Table of palm leaves in front of church doors

Of course the church had stained windows and a few other surprises but those will have to wait for another post.

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