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Monday, April 27, 2009

Windows of St. Mark's

Stained glass window of winged lion with banner reading Saint Mark.My niece and her husband attend the St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Sidney, Ohio. They asked if I would come last Sunday to take some pictures of the Baptismal service. Of course I couldn't pass up another picture opportunity with a Church and People! It's a very small traditional church, but has it's own beauty about it. This post features the windows of the church.

Pictured here left is the Winged Lion Symbol for St. Mark. St. Mark is associated with the lion because he described the voice of John the Baptist as sounding like a roaring lion. The lion symbol was later depicted with wings because of a vision in which Ezekial saw four winged creatures with the heads of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. These creatures came to be associated with the four evangelists (Matthew=man, Mark=lion, Luke=ox, John=eagle).

These last two are my artistic shots for the day.

Stained glass window and small brass Cross. Black and white picture of silhouette of Cross with crown of thorns back lit with a diamonded patterned window.

Look for more pictures of the church and the Baptism in tomorrow's post.

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