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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

St. Mark's Church

Picture of Saint Mark's small bricked church.

St. Mark's, pictured here with its new sign, is a small church located right behind the public library in Sidney. While I wasn't crazy about the sky I had to work with I was pretty happy with the shadows.
Artistic portrait of Saint Mark. Crucifix, anoiting oil vessle and other sacraments.

This picture of Saint Mark, which hangs to the left of the altar is a nice tribute to the churches namesake. The picture of the sacramental elements on the right didn't come out quite to suit me but it's the artistic picture for this post. I struggled with whether to include or not include the window.

Back of altar with candles, suspended cross and hanging tapestry with crown. Tapestry with crown with potted Easter lilly.

I'll close with these pictures of the simple but elegant altar. I found the tapestry interesting in color and design. I am sure the seven points of the crown have a meaning.

For more information about this church you can check out their web page St. Mark's

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